Welcome to our website!

We are a small kennel from the Czech Republic and we are located in the Příbram district, 60 km south of Prague.

In 2007, we bought our first female Manddy Psí Radost, our kennel founder. In the same year, we established our FCI Kennel and have started to breed French bulldogs.

We are members of the Prague Club of French bulldogs KFB. Since 2018, I have acted as a Regional breeding advisor. Club KFB is member of the Czech association CMKU - member of FCI.

Dogs are full members of our family. They live with us in a house with a garden and socialize with dogs and other animals. They have a lot of physical activities, fine food and veterinary care.

We aim to rear healthy puppies with nice appearance and quality bloodlines. The breeding individuals are genetically and medically tested e.g. Patellas or heart defects.

If you are interested in this beautiful breed, do not hesitate to contact me to get more information!

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