Zion Argus Alsamar is new Junior Champion of Hungary

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3x CACIB Bratislava 28.10. - 30.10.2022

Zion Argus Alsamar

28.10.2022 - junior class - Excellent 1, CAJC

29.10.2022 - junior class - Excellent 1, CAJC, Best of Junior

30.10.2022 - junior class - Excellent 2

Honorable judges: Olga Šinko Kupriyanova /SI/, Bruno Nodalli /IT/, Heidi Kirschbichler /A/



3x CACIB Komárom 21.10. - 23.10.2022

Zion Argus Alsamar

21.10.2022 - junior class - Excellent 4

22.10.2022 - junior class - Excellent 1, HPJ, Junior Winner, Best Junior and Best of Breed, Crufts Qualification

23.10.2022 - junior class - Excellent 1, HPJ, Junior Winner

Zion is new Juniorchampion of Hungary!

Many thanks to judges: Mr. Juan Naveda Carrero /ES/, Mr. Tomáš Kučera /CZ/, Mr. Pietro Paolo Condo /IT/



Our youngest Armida Alsamar had her show premiere at the Regional show in Litoměřice and achieved an excellent result.

In the puppy class she got Very promising 1 and in the final competitions 1st place out of all breeds - Best in show Puppy

Yuki Alsamar was Excellent 1, Class Winner and Regional Winner in the intermediate class

Thank you to judge Zuzana Brotánková!

KV Litoměřice 1

KV Litoměřice 2

KV Litoměřice 3



Two very promising brindle females are still available for reservation

holky B


IDS České Budějovice

judge: Robert Kubeš /CZ/

Zion Argus Alsamar - Exc.2 - junior class

Zoya Grace Alsamar - Exc.3 - junior class

Yuki Alsamar - Exc.1, CAC

owner: Iveta Škrlantová


Yuki ČB


Club show KFB Marina Orlík

(134 French Bulldogs)

Zion Argus Alsamar - Exc.2/14 - junior class

Zoya Grace Alsamar - Excellent/28 - junior class

judge: Viera Vítková /SK/ and Marco Pedro Lopez /I/

KV KFB 24.9.22


International dog show Klatovy

Yuki Alsamar took 1st place in the junior class - excellent 1, CAJC

judge: Miroslav Václavík /CZ/

Yuki became the new Junior Champion of the Czech Republic

Congratulations to his owner!

Yuki Klatovy

Yuki JCH


Club show MSBMK at Dolní Kounice Castle

Yuki Alsamar - excellent 2 from 8 males - junior class

Zion Argus - excellent 3 - junior class

Judge: Zdenka Jílková /CZ/

Yuki Kounice

Zion Kounice



Puppies from litter "B" were born on 3 September 2022. We have 3 females, 2 brindle and 1 fawn.

štěňata B2


HTME Speciality Winner Show

Zion Argus Alsamar - excellent 1, HPJ, Speciality Junior Winner

Judge: Bonka Georgieva Laslo /SRB/


HTME Cup Winner Show

Zion Argus Alsamar - excellent 1, HPJ, Junior Cup Winner, BOS

Judge: Gröschl Ferenc /HUN/


Maďarsko 2

26.8. - 28.8.2022

IDS Székesfehérvár Agárd - 3x CACIB

Zion Argus Alsamar - junior class

26.8. 2022 CACIB I - excellent 4

27.8. 2022 CACIB II - excellent

28.8. 2022 CACIB III - excellent 2

Judges: Biró Zsolt /HUN/, Olga Sinko-Kupriyanova /SLO/, Štefan Šinko /SLO/

Maďarsko 1


We got a nice letter today.

Zion Argus Alsamar is officially the Junior Champion of Slovenia.

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DSC 0157



IDS Mladá Boleslav

Zion Argus Alsamar - excellent 2 in the junior class

Judge: V. Staviarska /SK/

Zion MB 1


4.8. - 7.8.2022

IDS Istra Summer Dog Show Slovenia

4x CACIB Portorož, Izola, Koper a Ankaran

Judges: C. Stefanescu /RO/, C. Salas /ES/, Š. Šinko /SI/, R. Kanas /SK/


Zion achieved these results

2x excellent 1, 2x Junior winner and Best of Junior

2x excellent 2

Zion Argus has fulfilled the conditions for the title Junior Champion of Slovenia in 10 months old.

Zion Istra

Zion Istra 1



National Dog Show Mladá Boleslav

Judge: Olga Dolejšová /CZ/


Zion Argus Alsamar - excellent 2 - for the first time in the youth class

Yuki Alsamar - excellent 1, CAC, National Winner, BOS

Winona Alsamar - excellent 4

Zion MB

Yuki MB

Winona MB


We have received great news!

Grand Champion Winston Alsamar became the No.1 French bulldog in the country and overall the 3rd best dog in South Africa.


Winston GCH.jpg

Winston 4



Winston achieved great results at the shows in Oudtshoorn, South Africa.

4x 1st in Champions class / 4x Best of Breeds / 3x Groups Winner and 1x Reserve BEST IN SHOW

Winston Alsamar is the new Grand Champion of South Africa.

We are very proud of him and congratulate the owner, Jody van Heerden.


Winston 3


Yuki Alsamar was successful at the IDS in Litoměřice. He won in the junior class with the title Exc. 1, CAJC.

Congratulations to the owner Iveta Škrlantová.

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Special show KFB Marina Orlík

(140 french bulldogs)

Judge: Barbara Pallasky /DE/ and Gabriela Ridarčíková /SK/


Zion Argus Alsamar - very promising 4/8 - puppy class

Yuki Alsamar - excellent 3/16 - junior class

Xaro Ewan Alsamar - excellent 2/9, Res. CAC

Xenia Alsamar - excellent 4/17

Zion SV

Yuki SV

Xaro SV

Xenia SV



 Xaro Ewan Alsamar won a beautiful placement Exc. 1, CAC

Judge: Suzan Shimon /CRO/

Owner: Jarmila Veselá

Xaro Č


The only female from our litter "A" Armida Alsamar (4 weeks) stays at home.

Her dad is a beautiful brindle dog ICH. and MultiCH. Bull Ranch MX Predador.

Armida 4


Our puppy Zion Argus Alsamar and his first show training.

Zion Argus 5


A dog from our breeding Winston Alsamar ( CH. Santo I de Garras Bull x Mano Imperatorius Bella Luna) became the Champion of South Africa.

Congratulations to his owner Jody van Heerden!

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